Club Constitution and Rules


A Brief History 

The Club was founded in 1951when the Community Association was housed in buildings adjacent to the large roundabout at Rosehill. Up to the early 1930’s a large private dwelling (Rosehill House) with a stable block is listed on this site, but by 1934 a hall had been added and it was known as the Sutton Trade and Labour Club. It is not known when the Community Association was formed but during the Second World War it was used for many purposes. One of these was as a fire station when two buildings were erected to accommodate the engines. My first memories do not include the stable block, but the old house, the hall and rusting sheds are quite clear. The Club started in one of the larger rooms in the house (one table) and then graduated to the hall on one night a week (1954) before taking over two nights (1956). The hall provided a four table venue.

One of the founder members of the Club was Derek Wedge who is still a member of the committee and served us faithfully as Club Secretary for many years. Derek is also General Organiser of the Community Association. We started with one team in the Sutton and District League and increased the numbers as the Club expanded. In those early days, the local leagues were the focal points for Table Tennis throughout the country and the first step on the ladder after your Club was to represent your League, then your County and then your Country.

In 1964 the Surrey Junior Table Tennis Club (the coaching arm of the County Association) was formed by me at the Tweeddale Road School (near St Helier Hospital) and a close relationship was built up between the two organisations. During the 1970’s the two organisations amalgamated. Thanks to the use of the school on every night of the week, plus the two evenings at Rosehill, the Club was able to run a full coaching programme as well as running fourteen teams in the Sutton, Croydon, Leatherhead and Wandsworth Leagues.

In 1982 the Club became the first sports organisation in the Borough to host all the Twin Towns in one tournament. This took place at the Westcroft Leisure Centre with a reception at a local hall. The Twin Towns taking part were Gagny (France), Apeldoorn (Holland), Minden (Germany), Gladsaxe (Denmark) and BSG BfA Berlin (Germany). The visitors were accommodated by Club members and it was an outstanding success. We visited both Gagny and Apeldoorn in the following years.

In 1989 the association with the School came to an end, mainly due to rising costs. During this 25 year period the set-up produced nine internationals as well as many County players, English Schools Champions, etc. Many of whom played for the Club. During this period we were also given the opportunity to build our own premises and a money raising scheme (the Hundred Club) was formed. Sadly the financial implications of such a scheme got a very poor response from membership. Fortunately the proceeds of that scheme have kept the Club alive during some difficult years

Those difficult years mainly centered around the deterioration of the property and the reluctance of the London Borough of Sutton to invest any more money in maintenance. The lack of a strong Committee was also highlighted as the membership declined. A number of schemes were put forward until finally it was decided to sell off the site for housing and to re-house the Community Association. Our old site is now The Park at Rosehill as developed by Bellway Homes.

In 2003 the Sutton Arena was opened and we were moved into the pole vaulting area whilst our old premises were demolished and our present home (which used to be the changing rooms for the footballers and cricketers) was refurbished. Thanks to Derek Wedge we were able to persuade the London Borough of Sutton to equip the hall to ETTA specification as far as floor, lighting and walls were concerned. We moved into our new premises in time for the 2003/2004 season. During the 2004/2005 season severe flooding closed the Club for a few months and the floor had to be completely replaced. Following a number of investigations, it was decided that the Club was actually situated in a “flood plain” and flood barriers were placed at each of the doors which have to be lowered into position each time the hall is vacated.

Since moving into the Rosehill Pavilion and the installation of a more active Committee, the Club’s position has improved but we have to stay on our toes as many more activities are seeking to use the improved facilities.

Planning for the next season has to start as soon as one season finishes and all members are consulted as to their plans so that we know how many teams to enter in the local leagues. Apart from the league matches, we organise our own Club Tournament which caters for both senior and junior players. Formal coaching is offered for junior players from 5-7 PM on Club nights but any senior player can ask for assistance.

The Club is run according to a Constitution and a list of Rules. Every September we hold our AGM to elect Officers and to inform members of key issues and progress during the previous season.

I trust that the above gives you enough information on our origins and on behalf of the Club, bid you a warm welcome and trust you will enjoy your membership to the full. Please remember the old saying “you only get out what you put in”

Mike Kercher



The name of the Club is “Rosehill Table Tennis Club”


The objectives of the Club shall be to promote table tennis at all levels and to encourage the playing of the sport competitively and in the correct spirit.


The Club is a member of the Rosehill Community Association and is affiliated to the Surrey Table Tennis Association and Table Tennis England.


Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership is open to anyone accepting and abiding by the Club Rules, and paying the appropriate subscription. An Ordinary Member shall enjoy the full facilities and privileges of the Club for each year for which an appropriate subscription has been paid.

Honorary Membership and Honorary Life Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred at a General Meeting. An Honorary Member, shall subject to acceptance of the Club Rules, enjoy the full facilities and privileges of the Club for one year from the date of election.

Honorary Life Membership may be conferred at a General Meeting. An Honorary Life Member shall, subject to acceptance of the Club Rules, enjoy the full facilities and privileges of the Club for life from the date of election.

General Meetings


All members are entitled to attend a General Meeting and all members attending a General Meeting are eligible to vote.


  1. All members shall be notified in writing of general meetings at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
  2. All items for the Agenda should be submitted to the Secretary at least 14 days before a General Meeting. Proposals for alterations to the Constitution and nominations for President, Vice Presidents, Honorary Membership and Honorary Life Membership should be made in writing to the Secretary.They shall then be considered by the Committee and placed on the Agenda, with or without a recommendation or endorsement.
  3. A copy of the Agenda, Minutes of the last General Meeting and, in the case of an Annual General Meeting, a Statement of Accounts, should be made available to all Members at least 7 days before a General Meeting.


A General Meeting requires a minimum of one quarter of the Membership for any decisions to be binding.


  1. Proposals for Honorary Membership, Honorary Life Membership, President, Vice President; alteration to the Constitution or the winding up of the Club, shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.
  2. All other decisions require a simple majority of those present and voting.

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held every September to transact the following business:

  1. Election of President, when and if required.
  2. Election of Vice-President, when and if required.
  3. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Captain, Treasurer and Secretary
  4. Election of other Committee members
  5. Appointment of Honorary Auditor
  6. Reception of a Statement of Accounts
  7. Reception of any Reports
  8. Approval of subscriptions and any other financial decisions for the coming year
  9. Acceptance of the Club Rules
  10. Any other relevant business

Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, except when an Annual General meeting is due to be held within two calendar months. It can be called by the Committee, or by any Member presenting the Secretary with a written request signed by not less than two fifths of the Membership (16 years old and above). Such a meeting shall take place within 28 days of being called.



  1. The Committee shall consist of up to ten members, including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Captain, Treasurer and Secretary.
  2. The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring during the year and to co-opt additional Committee members.
  3. The President may attend but may not vote.


The Committee shall be responsible for all matters delegated by a General Meeting. The duties should include responsibility for:

  1. The financial management of the Club.
  2. The provision of insurance
  3. The fabric, equipment and other properties of the Club
  4. Keeping the Club Rules up-to-date
  5. The organisation of tournaments
  6. The selection of teams
  7. The discipline of Members


  1. The Committee shall meet on not less than four occasions in each year.
  2. For normal business, not less than 14 days’ notice shall be given to all Committee members. Special Committee meetings may be called in cases of urgent business providing every member of the Committee has been notified.
  3. Five members shall form a quorum.
  4. Decisions of the Committee shall be on a majority of those present and voting. Every Committee member shall have one vote and the Chairman shall also have a casting vote.



An annual audited Statement of Accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting.

Surplus Income

Any surplus income shall be re-invested in the club: under no circumstances shall it be distributed amongst members or to third parties.


In the event of it being necessary to wind up the Club, the disposal of its funds and property shall be decided at a General Meeting called for that purpose. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed to any Member, but shall be given to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the Club.


Any equipment purchased wholly or in part with funds provided by bodies other than the Club shall not be disposed of wholly or in part without reasonable notice of the Clubs intention being given to those bodies, and disposal shall be subject to agreement determined, if necessary, by arbitration mutually acceptable to the Club and other interested parties.


  • The activities of the Club shall be at the Rosehill Pavilion at days and times determined by the Committee.
  • The Membership fee will be agreed at the AGM.
  • The Membership fee is due in September each year.
  • Members paying by the end of September shall be entitled to a reduction as decided by the Committee.
  • Family membership, of three or more persons, shall be subject to a further reduction, as decided by the Committee if paid within one month as above.
  • Any member who has not paid his or her subscription by 1st December may be liable to suspension from Club Activities.
  • Members joining after January may pay a reduced membership rate at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Members shall be responsible for the equipment they are using and keeping the club in a clean and tidy condition by putting empty drink bottles and other rubbish in the bin. At the end of each evening, the user(s) of any equipment are responsible for putting it away for secure storage. One of the designated key-holders will turn off all lights, locking the building and activating the security device. Only the designated key-holders are allowed to keep the keys for insurance purposes.
  • Any member wishing to play in a Club team is expected to give priority to its needs over any other team and any other consideration. Team members who for unavoidable reasons cannot play must notify their team captain well in advance. For all matches, team members shall wear uniform of the make, colour and style approved by the Committee.
  • Members shall at all times uphold the good name of the Club.
  • Any member abusing any Club Rule will be liable to fine and/or suspension and in serious cases, or for repeated offences, to expulsion from the Club.
  • Members have the right to appeal against any committee ruling and such appeal must be made in writing to the Secretary.
  • An appeal lodged by a member shall be heard by a tribunal consisting of an Officer, who shall appoint two other members to serve at the hearing, one of whom shall be a Committee Member and one not. The appellant shall have the right to select the Officer to act as Chairman of the appeal tribunal.
  • Visitors are welcome to the Club and can play subject to payment of the advertised visitor’s fee and subject to any restrictions on the night in question.
  • All members playing for the Club in any of the Leagues must be personally affiliated and registered with the TTE against payment of a fee.
  • The Committee’s decision on interpretation of these Rules shall be final.
  • Report incident/ accident/ near miss/ hazard to a committee member and complete an incident/ accident report form which is available in the office.
  • A fully equipped first aid box is available in the kitchen should anyone require assistance after sustaining an injury as a result of an accident.
  • Any one of the Committee members will act as a fire warden and lead you to a fire assembly point in the case of a fire.



All members will be expected to help with putting up and taking down tables and equipment. This should be done in a safe manner. If you are unsure how this is done, please ask a Committee member.

Practice Nights

At all times when people are practising or playing games, the rule is:

  • A clock is normally provided at each table and players should set it up for 20 minutes practice time only
  • After that the first person on the queue, will take over that table.
  • It is good manners that no one should refuse to play when they are asked by another member.

The above rules are framed to give everyone a fair chance of games or practice and to promote a good club spirit.

Match Nights

It is customary to entertain your opponents. The Club will supply tea, coffee, and cups. The Team Captain must ensure that all used crockery are washed, dried and put away in storage cupboard in the kitchen.

General Information

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings between 5–7 PM. junior coaching takes place under the guidance of Mike Kercher, Russell Hurley, and Steve Sharp.

Club Facilities

A kitchen is available for making drinks. Tea coffee and sugar are supplied by the club, members must ensure that all used crockery are washed, dried and put away in storage cupboard in the kitchen.

Toilet and shower facilities are available for use.