Committee Members

Here is a list of Rosehill Table Tennis Club committee members and the roles they fulfill for the club:

Mike Kercher – President

Russell Hurley – Chairman

Robert Lewis – Vice Chairman
Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp – Secretary
Vincent Ang
Vincent Ang – Club Captain
Ivan Chu – Treasuer
Louise Poston- Web Master

Committee :

Derek Wedge

Luca Musacchio, Andrew Jackson, Sandra Gowen & Jane Chu



  • The Committee shall consist of up to ten members, including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Captain, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring during the year and to co-opt additional Committee members.
  • The President may attend but may not vote.


The Committee shall be responsible for all matters delegated by a General Meeting. The duties should include responsibility for:

  • The financial management of the Club.
  • The provision of insurance
  • The fabric, equipment and other properties of the Club
  • Keeping the Club Rules up-to-date
  • The organisation of tournaments
  • The selection of teams
  • The discipline of Members


  • The Committee shall meet on not less than four occasions in each year.
  • For normal business, not less than 14 days’ notice shall be given to all Committee members. Special Committee meetings may be called in cases of urgent business providing every member of the Committee has been notified.
  • Five members shall form a quorum.
  • Decisions of the Committee shall be on a majority of those present and voting. Every Committee member shall have one vote and the Chairman shall also have a casting vote.