Club Rules

  1. The activities of the Club shall be at the Rosehill Pavilion at days and times determined from time to time by the Committee.
  2. Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st September each year. Members paying within one month of that date shall be entitled to a reduction as decided by the Committee. Family membership, of three or more persons, shall be subject to a further reduction, as decided by the Committee, if paid within one month as above. Members joining after commencement of the Club’s financial year may pay a reduced subscription at the discretion of the Committee. Any member who has not paid his or her subscription by 1st December may be liable to suspension from Club activities.
  3. Members shall be responsible for the equipment they are using. At the end of each evening the last member using each item shall be responsible for putting it away. All members are responsible for keeping the premises clean and tidy. The last member leaving is responsible for turning off all lights, locking the building and activating the security device.
  4. Any member wishing to play in a Club team is expected to give priority to its needs over any other team and any other consideration. Team members who for unavoidable reasons cannot play must notify their team captain well in advance. For all matches, team members shall wear uniform of the make, colour and style approved by the Committee.
  5. Members shall at all times uphold the good name of the Club.
  6. Any member abusing any Club Rule will be liable to fine and/or suspension and in serious cases, or for repeated offences, to expulsion from the Club.
  7. Members have the right to appeal against any Committee ruling and such appeal must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary.
  8. An appeal lodged under Rule 7 shall be heard by a tribunal consisting of an Officer, who shall appoint two other members to serve at the hearing, one of whom shall be a Committee Member and one not. The appellant shall have the right to select the Officer to act as Chairman of the appeal tribunal.
  9. Visitors are welcome to the Club and can play subject to payment of the advertised visitor’s fee and subject to any restrictions on the night in question.
  10. All members playing for the Club in any of the Leagues must be personally affiliated and registered with the ETTA against payment of a fee.
  11. The Committee’s decision on interpretation of these Rules shall be final.