Robert Lewis – Chairman

Another playing season has finished and some of you will feel elated because you have done well and others may feel a bit down in the dumps because you felt you could have done better. I know into which category I fit. We all know we can do better and the more we practice the better we can become. However the main thing is that we should all enjoy playing and that we play in a sporting manner.

The club has many new members both senior and junior and we want everyone to feel as if they belong to the club. To feel it is THEIR club. One simple way is for everyone, especially when playing matches to wear the club shirt. The committee is investigating shirts which are affordable by everyone. In this way we can feel pride in the club.

We have a lively committee who want to hear how you would like to see the club develop.  Let me give you one or two thoughts for which we should like your reactions.

The Borough of Sutton has a number of towns in Europe with whom they twin. A number of years ago we hosted all the twin towns in a table tennis tournament. We also visited a number of them and had matches against them and played in a tournament. Is it of interest to restart this? What about a tour of this Country playing other clubs?

Should there be more social events? The Christmas party was a success but not many senior club members attended.

Do you know who your committee are? It’s all there on the club notice board. Should the committee have there pictures up so that new members can recognise them?

In the longer term, driven on by our President Mike Kercher, we want to build our own purpose built table tennis centre. Come along to the Annual General Meeting in September and hear more about this.

Keep playing – have a happy Summer and be ready for the new season

Robert Lewis – June 2010